Thursday, February 16, 2012

Addressing the Elephant in the Room

Well, I bet some of you are reading this hoping that I will hurry up and share my thoughts about the store being for sale.  So here ya go.  Depending on the hour of the days, I'm either excited about the unknown, or thinking I'm crazy for passing up such a great opportunity to have a quilt shop.  BUT...sometimes our personal, self-seeking desires are not the things that will bring the most fulfillment and joy into our lives. 

Docia and Jim are R.E.A.D.Y. to retire.  They've worked so hard for the last 6 1/2 yrs and have come to the conclusion that its time to rest.  And travel, and spend time with family.  Its been an icky year for Jim, and even though he's going to be fine (for any of you that think his health might have something to do with it), its just solidified that its time to turn the page to the next chapter.

As for me, the most frequently asked question by customers when they find out the shop is for sale is, "What about Beth?"  Trust me when I tell you that we've talked, cried, prayed and agonized over the decision and have complete confidence that we're making the right one.  Jon and I want to have more children (whether biological or adopted) and maybe foster some day and that is not something we can do if we own a store.  For 72 hours I spent my life trying to devise a plan that would make it all work, but alas.  Its can't be done. 

So we're moving forward as usual for a while and hoping that someone (maybe one of our amazing customers) will want to take up the challenge and the blessing that is The Quilt Merchant so that we still have a shop in our area.  It would be so sad to have a hole again in the Wheaton/Winfield area.

Please forgive us...I know a lot of you are a bit caught off guard and dismayed by the whole thing, but its all in God's hands and we are excited for the journey.

Oh, I forgot to say that I am going to continue designing and hope to peddle my wares at Quilt Market someday soon.  I love the industry too much to walk away completely and it will give me that change to "work while home".

Much love and gratitude.


mmbickhart said...

still choosing denial.

corner-tech-gal said...

How can anyone doubt such a peaceful and prayerfully made decision? You are truly being Divinely led on the next part of your journey called LIFE! Godspeed to all!

Randy D. said...

Wish I lived in the Chicagoland area and could buy the store. I've always loved stopping in whenever i was in the area. What a great loss but life goes on!

Jane's Addicted. said...

Well, I won't lie - this news gutted me a bit... It's my happy place... I was in a meeting when i heard the news or I would have let out a pitiful yelp. B u t : I do understand the bigger picture. You guys gotta do what feels right for your own paths in life - whatever that may be. Love to you guys.

Valerie said...

I understand but it is sooooo sad news.
I love your store and would love to be able to buy it!
Hope, dream....
Love you!