Monday, May 14, 2012

Adrenaline Hangover

This week has been CRAZY!  But oh so much fun.  Leonie and Deidre from The Quilted Crow have been visiting with us all week.  We had a trunk show Friday night and an all day workshop on Saturday.  These girls are so talented and equally sweet and wonderful.  What a great time we've had.  Here's a photo that should give you an idea of what its been like around our shop.

I got to spend all week working on the kits for the workshop on Saturday and it got me in the wooly mood.  I've drawn out a couple wool designs and we'll see how they turn out.  As soon as the wool arrives and I have something to show I promise I'll post pictures.

Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather outside.  It usually means horrible allergies for me, so I get to watch from the inside, but I know its beautiful too!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Mother Goose and life stuff.

I looked at how long it's been since my last post and couldn't believe it! How does so much time go by so fast?

Since I last posted my Dad was diagnosed with lymphoma. He has started chemo and is doing so well. Most days he still goes into work for a while and is taking the whole thing like a champ. But let me tell you something. God is amazing. He has graced my dad with the best case scenario thru this whole thing and just keeps answering prayer. Thank you so much to everyone that has prayed for us. We know it works.

I have managed to put a new pattern together however. Can we say stress management? Here is Mother Goose. The newest addition to my pattern line. This one's pretty big. 80" x 92". It features the vast majority of the Old Savannah collection by Paula Barnes. Hope you like it! Kits and patterns can be ordered from The Quilt Merchant as always.