Monday, June 13, 2016

The Question of the Ages....

Are you still going to quilt?

Are you going to open a quilt shop?

Are you going to buy a long-arm?

I'll answer those questions in order.

Absolutely not.

I sat at my sewing machine on Saturday night for the first time in over a month!  My fabric stash has to be packed away to de-clutter the house, but I refused to remove my machine and sewing table.  We just moved them out of the pictures for the listing photos.  Anyway, I kept a couple projects in the closet to work on after the house sold to preserve my sanity.  I'll give you details a little later.

Many of the customers at The Quilt Merchant have asked me if Docia and I are going to open a quilt shop after we move.  The answer is no.  Between the farm and future foster children, I plan to be plenty busy with family and sewing for fun!

I have ZERO desire to own a long-arm.  I've used my mom's Gammil a couple times and it terrifies me.  So I am happy to leave that job to the professionals.

So what am I working on?  Before I had to drop everything and get the house ready to sell I was working on a new pattern for the shop.  Purples, grays and blacks.  My heart wanted to do real LeMoyne Stars, but my inner shop keeper (and Valerie) agreed that mock-stars made out of Half Square Triangles would appeal to more people.

So here's the first block I started on April 9.  Yikes!  I didn't realize that was so long ago!  I was able to start piecing the top before I had to pack it all up.  

Better and more pictures soon.  Gotta get this one finished up before we leave!

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