Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I must be honest, the last few days have been really emotionally trying for me.  Not for any particular reason, but I've really been in a funk.  I didn't want to be, but I couldn't seem to shake it.  It was really irritating me.  But last night I sat next to Eliza's bed as she was sleeping and spent some time praying over her.  She frequently has nightmares and I wanted her to get a good night sleep so she could enjoy her 4th Christmas.  Somehow that softened my soul a little and I went to bed feeling a bit better.

I awake this morning to my daily greeting of "Rise and shine, Mommy!" from my sweet girl.  Then she told me that she had good dreams last night.  We have a good God.  Opened presents, ate breakfast, went to church to practice for the morning and who walks in, but our good friend and shop employee, Stella.  Another Christmas gift!  We immediately invited her for dinner at my mom's house.

I sat in the pew during Pastor Josh's sermon and God kinda whalloped me one on the side of the head.  Why is it so easy to lose sight of the things that are actually important?  Well, I'd done it again and the Good Lord used Josh to fix that right up.  I was able to genuinely smile for the first time in several days...

This followed by lunch at my mom's with my sister Emily and her husband Devin, Gpa Hopeman and Peg, Jim and Docia, Stella, Joanna, Steve Noble (our youth pastor who was also an orphan for the day) and my husband and Eliza.  13 total.  It was perhaps the most meaningful gathering of people I've been a part of since my wedding.  You see, my father-in-law is dealing with some painful health issues and isn't often able to get out of bed, let alone out of the house.  We begged, well, told him really that we didn't care if we had to carry him on our backs, we wanted him there with us on Christmas.  And he was and the smile on his face was the best gift ever.  He'll prob'ly hurt like the dickins for days, but I'm pretty certain he'd say it was worth it.

The last year has shown me how important family is and what a blessing it can be, even when things are icky and complicated. 

So Merry Christmas, blogland.  Until next time....

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